Planning the Perfect Weekend Getaway

It’s official — it’s the last summer of our college years. This marks different things for different people: the last opportunity to try out different passions and careers in the real world, the last summer to be financially dependent on our parents, the last summer to decide on a direction after college, the last summer to reinvent yourself just one more time before you become a “real person,” that summer of excitement for the last and most influential year of your college career, and the list goes on. Whether you fit one, two, or all of these molds, one thing is for sure…every summer needs that perfect kickoff, and why not it be….

the perfect weekend getaway?

Step 1: Decide what’s most important to you — who/what/when/where/how?

For us, this was super easy, it was the who. Our closest friends, crew, family away from home (insert more cheesy descriptions here).



Step 2: Everything else.

Depending on what your most important thing was, everything else will fall into place around that.

When/How long: Deciding on a date or date range is crucial to the planning process. If you have a rough idea, it will help you narrow down your options based on budget, availability, etc.

Where: Abroad? US? Staycation? Budget probably plays the biggest role in this. For us, well we’re poor college students so we chose to party it up in NY/CT…where we wouldn’t have to pay for housing (yay for parents). Besides, what better place to celebrate our collective legality than the city that never sleeps?

  • More wallet-friendly ideas to consider: major US cities or beachside bed&breakfasts. (Snag expedia unpublished hotel deals early  or elect for sites like airbnb to stay like a princess at a college girl’s budget)

What: Things to do. A lot of people don’t really think about this when they’re planning a trip. My parents are absolutely guilty of this (concierge interrogations for city happenings were a must growing up..) But in the age of travel blogs, travel apps, and 4G LTE at our fingertips, why not indulge in some more web-surfing-procrastination? Trust us, it’ll be so much more enjoyable if you have a *flexible* list of places to visit, things to eat, foods to try than wasting time in hotel rooms after you’ve already slept in. Sites like Refinery 29 have city profiles that can make a girl drool at almost every city!

How: This is sadly my least favorite part of the trip to plan. Amtrak? Boltbus? Drive? Fly? We’re all gonna have to get there somehow, but choosing how can be tedious and boring. This is more a matter of personality/budget/size of the party. If you’re a fan of roadtrips, make the planning process more fun by planning a on-the-road playlist while you’re at it. (Or try to decide which pair of shades to wear with the windows rolled down while you let the boys do the google-mapping…not that we would ever do that…)

Step 3: Breathe

If you’re a perfectionist (trust us, we can relate) it’s really easy to get frazzled at making everything go perfectly. Gonna break it to you now – the chances of that happening are slim to none. Just breathe, have fun, and know that vacations aren’t for getting the praise of others (“you planned this so well!”) or for making people jealous on facebook (even though that can be fun sometimes), it’s for you to enjoy yourself and rejuvenate with your most loved travel companions. So even if you get stuck in hours of traffic, or in our case, have to drive through a hurricane, just relax and know that if you’re on vacation, everything’s a-okay 😉

Step 4: Go Shopping!

Obviously our favorite part of the planning process, just remember your 5 S’s – shoes, shower, shades, swimwear, and snacks (and food if necessary!)

Our favorite way to save money and have fun on a trip is to bring your own snacks/food. For all you Martha Stewart lovers out there, this is your time to shine! Recipes like booze-infused popsicles and frozen watermelon margaritas are sweet and easy to make – just bring the sugar & fruit! If your destination is a beach house or some place with a *fully equipped* kitchen, we can’t leave out every korean’s must-have: dat korean bbq (korean BBQ how-to to come very soon!) For drinks, pick up a case for the guys and some bellini or champagne (garnish with frozen raspberries for an added kick) and voila! A little bit of BBQ in a perfect summer getaway? It almost seems too perfect… 

cranapple frozen margarita

a blender, ice, apples, green apple smirnoff (or absolute citron), and cranberry juice is all you need!


korean style pork belly, samgyupssal, yum!

Shoes & swimwear….where do we even begin?? This calls for a much longer article but remember — our trusty checklist: flip flops, white canvas sneakers (or comfy heels depending on your destination) and you can never go wrong with these cute one-pieces!

Shower…just remember your SPF and after-sun treatments!


post-freezing cold -- maybe early June wasn't the best time jump in the pool :P

post-freezing cold water — maybe early June wasn’t the best time jump in the pool 😛


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