Fall 2013 Fashion Obsessions

Fall is just around the corner (when did that happen?!) and that means…tons of Fall fashion predictions (and an excuse to revamp our closets!) Currently, we’re obsessed with structured bags, neutral tones, and juxtaposed boyish & feminine styles (we have to admit — this means we are completely head over heels in love with j.crew)

1. We love grey & blue for this Fall. Neutrals are undoubtedly hot right now; and this oh-so-subtle pop of blue is sure to give your closet that ummph this season!

Steal ahem, borrow, your man’s charcoal grey boyfriend sweater (a must-have for every fashionisto) and pair it with blue jeans, navy chinos, or our personal favorite cobalt blue skinny jeans if you’re feeling bold.

creds: cupcakes&cashmere

creds: cupcakes&cashmere

Disregard everything you’ve heard in the past about not mixing black&blue or black&brown; these seemingly boring color combinations are sure to give your style a modern and polished feel this coming season. Belt an oversized black sweater with a navy blue belt and pair it with a black&brown structured bag!

2. Structured bags 

Just about every style blog is talking about this now, and we’re completely 100% on-board with this trend. It’s so classy and simple, and it’s the perfect combination of neutral and bold. We’re sold, baby!

Even though there isn’t much room for that dreamy Celine bag in a college-girl’s budget, here, here, and here are some comparable styles that are cute, classy, and don’t try too hard.

Ladies and gentlemen...it IT bag of 2013

Ladies and gentlemen…it IT bag of 2013

3. The messy bun

J.Crew does it all too well. We’ve scoured (and tried with very little success) the countless how-to’s of the messy bun. Our conclusion: the messy bun how-to’s out there just don’t cut it for Asian locks.

Our tips for the shiny black-haired ladies: stay away from the advice out there to skip washing your hair or spraying sea-salt mist (huh?) in your hair. (The last thing we want are salty strands with greasy roots, yuck.) Super straight hair is near impossible to get into a perfectly tousled, messy bun so take the time to curl your hair with a curling iron before putting it up in a bun. The curls don’t have to be perfect; they simply give hair texture. Use tiny amounts of hair spray and copious amounts of bobby pins. Leave a couple curly strands of near your face out (and curled!) to top off the look with a feminine touch.

Bun placement is a matter of preference but to get the full messy look, keep the bun at the back of your head, not on top of it.

{Curled hair & bobby pins}

{Curled hair & bobby pins}

4. Boyfriend Jeans

See a trend here? We think this coming season is all about the juxtaposition of polished and relaxed. Boyfriend jeans are a perfect way to bring some chill to a girly outfit. We love this look with a blazer to contrast the casual bottom look.

Almost too good to be true!

Almost too good to be true!

5. Nude Heels

We’re suckers for patent nude heels. We always have been and so we’re so excited for this season of polished neutrals. Pair them boyfriend jeans for the ultimate chic look (can you say, perfect date-night outfit?)

Pointy toes

Pointy toes

Looks we love:

the weekender

the weekender

structured neutrals

studded heels - cupcakes&cashmere

studded heels – cupcakes&cashmere



pop of blue

pop of blue

What are some of your favorite fall trends? Let us know, post some pics and share your fashion findings!

xoxo Jenny & Elise


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