Rainy Day Pick-Me-Ups

If there’s ever a day for pick-me-ups, it’s rainy days. (Slightly) warmer weather has got us feeling happier, but we can always use a bit more sunshine in our lives!

1) Macarons.

They’re an almost foolproof way to a girl’s heart (trust us, boys) and Sugar Philly’s new Girl Scout’s cookies flavors have got us all giggly



2) Good makeup.

Gloomy weather sucks, but wardrobe and make-up difficulties due to rain — they suck even more. Keep it simple and stay away from heavy eye make-up (unless you’re going for Miley’s look on the cover of Rolling Stone).

Our favorite picks: Stila Stay-All-Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner for a simple standalone cat-eye


Makeup is like calligraphy

&& the AMORE PACIFIC Color Control Cushion Compact — providing matte, lightweight hydration with no need for bronzer!


Is it liquid? Is it powder? It’s both!

courtesy of {prettygossip.com}

courtesy of {prettygossip.com}

3) Loungewear.

I think this speaks for itself, but nothing beats a rainy day spent indoors (except maybe breakfast in bed)

Loungewear favorite — the perfect white tee. So far, the JCrew Vintage Cotton V-Neck has been our favorite fit

Nothing says 'chill' and 'sexy' like a perfectly fitting v-neck

Nothing says ‘chill’ and ‘sexy’ like a perfectly fitting v-neck

If you’re on a budget, we’re also in love with the cotton-on pocket-tee in grey, black, and white.

4) The PERFECT chocolate-chip cookie recipe. Rainy day calories don’t count. Period.

This recipe is literally to die for (we’re not exaggerating, we promise!). The longer you let the dough sit, the better. We also (successfully) tried freezing the left over dough; we found that they tasted just as good as the 36 hour incubation batch.

5) Some food for the soul. Call your family, give someone you love a kiss, smile and stay happy!

Sometimes there's a sweet moment in the midst of all my nagging #tbt #brudder

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Happy New Year!!! #2014

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