Springtime Steals

We gajamos girls love everything food, fashion, and fun but working off a #collegegirlbudget is difficult at times (believe us, we’ve all been there) so here we’re compiling our favorite ways to save and still look cute for this upcoming Spring & Summer seasons!

Statement Necklaces: Buffalo Exchange & Thrift Stores

If there’s ever a blogger’s guilty little secret, it’s that we’re not huge fans of thrift stores (I know some of our blogger peers might not want to be our friends anymore). Sorting through racks and racks of some….questionable pieces are not the highest on our agenda.

BUTTTTTT (and it’s a big one!) we love love love thrifting for statement pieces. Why? Well, that’s easy — it’s one of the few parts to a wardrobe where there’s no perfect fit (neither for the outfit or the body).

So with that spring cleaning, take your old clothes to buffalo exchange (scroll over & click to see how it works!) and trade ’em in for bold, colorful, and fun statement pieces!

the jewelry section at a Buffalo Exchange in Philly

the jewelry section at a Buffalo Exchange in Philly

Sunglasses: Kirkland Signature Wayfarers

Yup, that’s right — Costco. While we don’t usually recommend Costco as the go-to wardrobe stop, these Kirkland Wayfarers are so stylish, sturdy, healthy, and affordable! (They’re just around US$27!) They have polarized lenses, so they’ll keep your eyes UV protected && they’re made of Italian frames. (No, you did not misread that.)

classic, simple, chic wayfarers

classic, simple, chic wayfarers

{side view}

{side view}

cheesin' hard in Isla Verde

cheesin’ hard in Isla Verde

The only drawback we could think of was the not-so-hot Kirkland carrying case it comes with. Silver lining: buy a cute sunglass case. You can find so many cute ones at stores like forever 21 and H&M.

On our sunglass case wishlist: Rebecca Minkoff

Every young fashionista has her own rules on when to save over splurge. (Our favorite places to splurge are definitely bags, bags, bags!)  What are some of your favorite Springtime Steals?



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