Must Have’s: Spring Break Packing List

Like many of you, by the time the end of February runs around, we can’t wait for Spring Break to start. So with our closest friends, tons of summer outfits, and loads of sunblock, we headed to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico for a 5 day adventure! Of course, packing enough cute outfits for gorgeous summer weather to fit inside a carry-on luggage was not an easy task, but we somehow managed. Here are our must have’s for when you go on a sunny vacation:


We are in love with how beautiful, cool, and summery maxis are. They are so easy to wear, and are an instant statement piece that makes traveling simply chic. We chose a floral print maxi and a draping maxi skirt – both in pink, because what other color epitomizes summer like pink does?


Maxi skirt (left) thrifted (similar here) & Maxi dress (right) from Forever 21 (similar here & here)


Even SPF 100 can’t completely block the sun, so putting a protective and stylish spin on sunblock with a cute hat is our go-to. Not only do they provide shade, they are comfortable, light and bring an outfit together.

Fedora (left) from NY Soho street vendor (similar here) & fedora (right) custom from Eugenia Kim (similar here)

Travel Bag

We essentially cannot live without our oversized tote bags & backpacks. Being able to throw in everything and anything we need while we’re last minute packing is a girl’s best friend and savior. We opted for different styles, but they are both equally convenient and multipurpose.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Backpack (left) Longchamp & tote bag (right) Louis Vuitton

Comfy Travel Shoes 

There’s actually a scientific reason why shoes get so uncomfortable when you’re in the air. Long periods of inactivity can mean that the normal muscles that shuttle blood away from your feet are not moving as much and therefore don’t pump blood back to the heart as efficiently. Plus, low cabin pressure can keep blood from moving as quickly as possible, leading to buildup of fluid in your extremities. To help with this, get up and move around every few hours, drink plenty of water, and (our personal favorite) wear comfy shoes!

Comfy shoes don’t mean you have to  sacrifice style — here are our favorites!

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

Chuck Taylors (left) from Converse & Black sequin (right) from Toms

What are some things/brands you cannot travel without? Let us know in the comments below, and we promise to check them out! As always, thanks for reading!


E & J


3 thoughts on “Must Have’s: Spring Break Packing List

  1. I was wondering if you had any tips on how to avoid overpacking. Should I plan every outfit I’m going to wear ahead of time and only pack that?

    • Having index cards with your daily outfits helps save so much time && ensures that you’re always camera ready on vacation 🙂 It sounds dorky, but we tried it and there’s been no turning back!

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