Hungry How-to’s: Green Smoothie

Summertime has us gajamos girls looking for fresh foods and drinks to help us battle the heat. So of course, we turned to the latest fad in healthy eating: the green smoothie. We’ve always been a fan of fresh smoothies, so naturally when the green smoothie started trending we had to give it a try.

There are so many great things about a green smoothie: it’s healthy, transportable, and energizing. But after extensive research, we found that the best thing about the green smoothie is its flexibility. That’s right – there’s no one recipe you have to follow to get a delicious, refreshing green smoothie. Instead, here’s our simple approach to guarantee a scrumptious green smoothie:

Green Smoothie Collage

The greens and fruits featured are just suggestions – practically any green or fruit (even frozen fruits!) will work in these proportions. For liquids, we suggest the three mentioned above and if you’re a fan of coconut water, it also tastes great with any tropical fruit. Many also add a nutritional supplement, such as a teaspoon of chia or flax seeds. Put in liquids, then soft foods, then solids and blend until soft. Add ice after, blend and voilá! You have your cold, refreshing green smoothie in a matter of minutes. (Our little secret: we add honey or agave to give it a little extra sweetness if the fruit are unripe or if it’s #treatyoself Tuesday 😉 )

We decided to take our foolproof recipe and give it a try. Taking whatever we had in the fridge (almond milk, mint and frozen mangoes & strawberries), we whipped together a delicious green smoothie and within minutes had our filling, delicious drink on the go!


No excuse not to have a healthy breakfast with this quick, easy and simple recipe! Show us the smoothies you make using the hashtag #gajamos – we can’t wait to see the creative ways you blend your smothies!

As always, thanks for the love,

J & E


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