Hungry How-to’s: The Simplest Teriyaki Chicken

It’s finals week for us gajamos girls and eating jimmy johns & sweetgreen salads everyday is boring and repetitive. Cooking is always a great way to procrastinate! (#procrasticooking #makeyourownhastags)

We found a great Teriyaki Chicken recipe on a wonderful new blog we stumbled upon: Beyond Kimchee . The recipes are korean food made easy, and super easy to follow! Special shout-outs to all Korean girls out there who call their moms for hungry how-to’s cus mine usually go like this….

Me: ‘How much sugar & vinegar umma?’

Mama Kim: ‘A handful of sugar and just the right amount of vinegar’ 

Me: ‘……..’ 

But anyway, we took this recipe and made a few adjustments in case you don’t have time to run to the grocery store.

{our finished product}

{our finished product}

{our finished product}

{our finished product}

teriyaki chicken

Tell us how yours turns out, and if there are any go-to recipes you like!


E & J